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About Yotokens

Yotokens (YOCO) is a revolutionary marketplace designed to connect every on-demand vertical businesses, social media platforms, Logistics and payment platform to create a unique ecosystem based on Blockchain technology where buyers, sellers, and shippers irrespective of their origin could have a single or multiple platforms link together in order to satisfy their needs with a seamless payment system in a secure environment.

we aim to offer solutions through our platform for the customers and the business owners; we connect every single individual to match with the service or offer they are looking for in a secure environment.

Yotokens is backed by a strong experienced team of experts in various industries on on-demand services, social networking, financial institution, and blockchain technology. We Develop a comprehensive system of multiple investments aimed at the promotion and development of Real Estate platform, on-demand application, Fintech, NFC Technologies among other businesses that will be developed with the passage of time in Africa and the rest of the world.


Key features of Yotokens

Create a secure decentralize system

Fully decentralize system.

Solving small business problems

Fully compatible with all type of business.

GDPR Compliances

All your personal data kept safe.


Why Choose Yotokens (YOCO) ?

First, the integrity, transparency, and possibility to be part of something great.

Secured User Data

Your personal data are safe and are not disclose to a third-party.

Most Credibility

The team is composed of honest and experienced experts in various industries.


Our mobile application and website will be user-friendly and easier to manipulate.

Problems and Challenges

The on-demand services market is growing rapidly especially the online food, taxi booking and Hotel reservation in Europe, America, and Asia.

Online store or booking service

In Africa, the most business owner does not have an online store or booking system due to :

  • Their little available resources.
  • The inability to spend time on their online shop or portal.
  • The cost of conducting advertising campaigns to promote their store.
  • Lack of skill needed to operate the most platforms.

High commission rate and transaction

Most platform offer services with high commission rate. Furthermore, due to local & international regulations, transaction fees are very high when conducting international payments for withdrawal of commission.

Global Market and language barrier

Getting into a global market requires considerable investments at the early stage and further monthly expenses for the maintenance of the online shop operations, local & international regulations. Language is also another barrier especially when penetrating French countries

Security & Flexibility

Security is the most concern and important. Most customers don't trust their payment data or funds to a merchant. There is also a lack of check of quality products among others.


We propose to our customers a simple solution under our ecosystem a platform to connect customers and business owners or service providers all over the world. Our ecosystem comprises of a social network, a seamless payment system, a unique application for all on-demand businesses and another unique for booking and reservation

User-friendly across all platforms

Our mobile application and website are user-friendly and easier to manipulate. Even a beginner can handle our platform

Safe, Secure and Reliable Tracking system

We offer a safe and secure environment for user to conduct their operation with no risk. We also provide a scalable, immediate solution for order tracking and authentication.

Decentralize Payment Systems with lowest transaction

Our payment system is based on blockchain technology thus a decentralized and secure system. We offer the lowest transaction fee and our commission fee is minimal.

Blockchain Based Marketplace

We offer a global and unique platform that connect people with all orders and booking services, seamless payment and social network

Our Products and services

In order to solve majors problems daily activities, we offer solutions through our platform for the customers and the business owners; we connect every single individual to match with the service or offer they are looking for in a secure environment.

YOCO Tokens

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

Sales Information

Token Sale Starts 12th Dec 2019 00:00 GMT
Token Sale Ends 15th Feb 2020 00:00 GMT
Total Token Supply 250,000,000
Tokens Allocated for ICO 110,000,000
Masternodes collateral 25,000
Masternodes rewards 120,000,000
Hard Cap $2.5m
Soft Cap $100,000
Token sale first price 1 YOCO = $0.01
Accepted ETH, BTC, ETC.

Token Sale Ends In

Raised so far 9,440,950 YOCO
Soft Cap 5,000 USD
Hard Cap 15,000 USD
Register & Buy Token Now Minimum Purchase: 5000 YOCO

YOCO Tokens

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.


Read the Whitepaper

Download the whitepaper .

App Screen

Our Powerful
All-In-One Wallets

YOCO Wallet is one of the most secure wallets that support NFC payment protocol. It's integrated with multiple FIAT and cryptocurrencies. It has various features like bills payment, send and receive money among others.

Why Use YOCO Wallets?

Safe & Secure

Universal and Interactive

Send and Receive

Login to your

ICO Dashboard

To manage :

  • The KYC application.
  • Your contribution and your token.
  • Each promotional offers and various ICO Stage, pricing and bonus option.
  • Withdraw your token at the end of Token sales.
  • Newsletter.
  • And many others wonderful features.
The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

March 2019 Concept development

Start in the beginning of March 2019.

Q3 & Q4 2019 Phase 1
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Launching better version of YoTravel web portal
  • Private sale of the token
  • Coin concept design
  • Partner with merchants and business owners (YoTravel Partners)
  • Creation of Yocoin community
Q1 2020 Phase 2
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Business forecast and revenue projection
  • Marketing campaigns on Token Sale
  • Token crowd sale
  • Application development phase of YoTravel
  • Mobile application beta release of YoTravel
  • Multilingual customer support integration
  • Token Distribution
  • Masternodes deployment
Q2 2020 Phase 3
  • Key strategic partnership
  • Customers segmentation and relationship
  • Application development of Yopay
  • Application development phase of YoX
  • Digital exchange listing


Below we’ve provided a bit information on ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are new decentralized digital active assets; i.e. currencies that are not controlled by any government or institution. Its main features include the speed of delivery, security, and anonymity. This is as a result of a new technology through which they are created; The Blockchain.

An initial coin offering is a type of funding using cryptocurrencies. It is often a form of crowdfunding, however, a private ICOs which does not seek public investment is also possible. The company holding the ICO uses the investor funds as a means of furthering its goals, launching its product, or starting its digital currency.

How do i participate in the YOCO ICO?

To participate in YOCO ICO, simply register and fund your account, then purchase the token.

When will i receive my token?

Purchase token will be distributed in the first quarter of 2020.

Yocoin tokens are issued for internal payments of the YoServices ecosystem including some of our partner’s platforms and also are the only payment instrument when you need to pay fees for your services.

The total supply is 250,000,000 YOCO.

Our Partners